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Hi all,

We have now been at sea for seventeen days. The crew has adjusted to the lifestyle out here. We have a few land crabs on board but I think we have all now managed to find those famous sea legs, meaning that we can move around while standing upright on 2 feet without being terrified of falling overboard and being left behind in the Pacific.

We are divided into two “teams”. The two Davids and Vern on one. The Skipper, Max and myself on the other. It’s quite funny but the life out here is not that social. We are doing our watches and we sleep at different time. The only time we are all gathered is during dinner or when someone is shouting: ”whale, dolphin or shark!”.

As you understand, it’s really important to socialize during these kind of long voyages. Back in the day, Captain Bligh on The Bounty, also encouraged and ordered his crew to dance and sing every night to keep them occupied, happy and healthy. Though, when you know the history, it’s hard to be convinced that it really helped.

The Crew took some time out to play board games

My point is that it is important to make some days special and to celebrate different occasions. After 17 days, we finally have a great opportunity to Party Pacifico with some O la la hula hula…on Friday, our outstanding filmmaker, Max Jourdan, is having his 42nd birthday. He is shooting the documentary for our friends, National Geographic. Our photographers are doing a great job, not just filming but also doing their shifts and duties on board – quite a tricky combination in between the 3 hour sleep routine.

Max is such a funny guy and he is really important keeping the good spirit in the crew. He must be celebrated properly so we are throwing him a party, and to make his day really special it would be great if you all could send him greetings – just add a comment on this blog.

This is Max by the way - in case you weren't sure which member of the crew he was!

If we get in over 5000 greetings (round up your friends!), you might get to be the lucky owner of a hand carved spoon made on The Plastiki – made by me, of course!

We will speak again soon.

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  1. Christoph says:

    Hallo there and happy Birthday Max! I just read about your trip in the newspaper (Cologne, Germany). Well, I hope you are having a fun party tomorow! Actually it`s my birthday today but I get to celebrate i in a nicely funitured living room. But without the smell of the sea or any beautiful sea-sunsets. Well, take care and keep up the spirit! It’s a wonderful project you all got going on there.
    God bless, Christoph

  2. Amy E says:

    Bon anniversaire Max! :)

  3. Okhwan Yoon says:

    I need new excellent TREK cycle or SPECIALIZED,etc
    Have a good luck!

  4. Jolyon Grey says:

    Happy Birthday, Max – lots of people in the UK thinking of you all.

  5. Ron&Jean says:

    Happy Birthday Max —- Hope it’s a great day!!

  6. Charli says:

    What a fantastic way to spend your 42nd! It’s certainly one you will never forget. I spent my 15, 16 and 17th birthdays on a sailboat cruising around the Pacific and they were the best! So happy birthday and I hope you get a dolphin escort for the day. And thanks for sharing your special day with all of us.

  7. Lola Jourdan says:

    Salut Papou,
    J’espère que tu passera un très bon anniversaire sur le bateau. Tu me manque beaucoup!
    Je te fais d’enormes bisous


  8. Sophie says:

    Bon anniversaire Max. Que feraient les autres sans la bonne prononciation du “boeuf bourguignon”? Plein de retours heureux comme disent les anglophones xx

  9. Daniel Stark says:

    Happy Birthday, Max! Best of luck out there! Wish I was out there with you helping you capture it all!

    Daniel Stark

  10. Ulla says:

    Dear Max,

    have a great day out there. May the crew throw a big party and bake a delicious cake for you.

    For the entertaining part of the day I’ve just created this little video for you. Apart from two of your crew buddies it also starrs one of your favourite sea creatures, a shark (sorry, Jo and Dave R, there were only a couple of major parts in it, maybe next time… ;-) ). Have fun watching it ;-)

    Safe journey and happy birthday !!! :-)


  11. Johnny Daukes says:

    Dear Max,
    we are missing you at home by a far greater margin than you are being appreciated on the Plastini.
    I have made a lifesize effigy of you that I’ve dumped on Chamberlayne Rd and there are queues just……’worshipping’….. Honestly Dude……there’s going to be a worshipping forecast!!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

    We love you and miss you very much.

    Have you told them all about…….


    Come on man…….’feeeel the wooooollll’

    Any sign of sharks yet?


    Encyclopedia salesmen?

    Love you maaaaaaaaaaaan, and love you too.

    Johnny, Sarah, Betty and Pepper (but mostly Johnny). XXXXXXXXXX

  12. Marie Fredriksson Karvelas says:

    Happy Birthday, Max!

  13. jill says:

    Max, I’m only doing this for the spoon! it was 90 in NY yesterday- bizzare! xxx

  14. karen says:

    Hello darling……Happy birthday to yoooooo! Your are never going to have another birthday like this one, I hope the rest of the crew give you breakfast in your bunk and a day off or at least the night shift!! We’ve just had a huge Chinese meal in honour of your birthday and wish you were here.

    Lots of love
    Karen and Lola xxxxx

  15. thebudsta says:

    max, it’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other, i don’t know if you’ll remember me, our grandmothers lay next to each other in hospital when they gave birth to our fathers all those years ago. anyway, i still remember you, i’m sincerely sorry i can’t make it the party, i am ironing my hankies, but if i finish before noon, and the traffic remains relatively light, i’ll be there… all the best… love b x

  16. Christopher says:

    Just like Christoph in Germany, ChristophER in the USA wishes Max a MUCHOS FELICIDADES!!! The Plastiki is truly something special and I can only hope that the journey gains more and more international publicity as each day passes.

  17. Sian Goodlad says:

    Hi Maxou

    We missed you at our B & B opening party. At least we shall have a good excuse for another party on your return! Have a wonderful birthday. The rest of the Skinner clan send their love – Flo is going to send you a message in a moment, once Charlie has finished testing her on “les specifites de l’ecriture theatrale” just imagine all the accents are in the right place as I don’t have a clue how to add them on an English mac!

    Joyeux Anniversaire Maxou!

    A bientot


  18. Florence Skinner says:

    salut! comment ca va? tu t’amuses j’ai entendu que ta attrape un poisson hyper gros! joyeux anniversaire x

  19. Charlie Skinner says:

    Just went for a 4km run with Flo and she beat me! I am getting old! but you are catching me up, keep those muscles moving on your boat or you’ll lose them.

    Happy Birthday


  20. Joe Price says:

    Happy Birthday Max….been watching the web site some and also telling others about it. So have a great birthday and party as much as you can.

    Good Luck
    Joe Price
    Lebanon, Mo

  21. Jay Little says:

    Hi Max, A toast to you… I am wishing that you enjoy your day, the cake, great comraderie, fresh fish, a whale spout, clear stars, 3 solid hours of sleep and lots of onshore support!

    Take some good footage of that Message Bottle when you release it!

    Ad astra per aspera.

    Cheers- Jay

  22. sue and nick royle says:

    Happy birthday Max!! Just reading all about your planned celebrations. Hope the oven has worked and you will be blowing out your 42 candles, health and safety will have an issue with this.
    It was great to meet all of the crew when you set sail.
    We are following your blogs on the internet, all seems great on board. This will certainly be a birthday to remember. Enjoy!

  23. bernice richardson says:

    wishing the very best for your special day max no better way than to spend it at sea,wish i could join in for the celebration


    bernice mount barker sth austx

  24. C. Wimmer says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you are happy, well and content. This day, this Birthday, will become even more meaningful and memorable as time marches on. Enjoy the sea, the swells, the stars, the company, the good air,the gurgle of water, the wide open space…. you are LIVING!

    from a sailor that would LOVE to be where you are
    Bucks County, PA. USA

  25. Gary says:

    Happy birthday Max, I can’t believe it’s been 32 deg. for about four days, you all must be freezing. How are the plants doing?

  26. Greg Mccarry says:

    Hi Max, Hope you have a great day sitting out there tomorrow to celebrate your birthday, your fish looked Ok, and possibly good training to catch some real fish!!!!! :-) Stay cool and enjoy your day it will I suspect be one of those birthdays that will leave long in your memory, all the best from Greg, Jet, Zach Lucy & Lola.

    ps any waves, outer reef stuff???

  27. Emily Mee says:

    Happy Birthday from all of us at Park School in Mill Valley!

    The 5th grade came to see The Plastiki on a field trip! Maybe we can come see you when you get to Sydney! Now THAT would be a really good field trip. When do you think you will get there?

    Happy Sailing!

    PS There are 300+ kids at Park School – so this counts for a lot of birthday greetings for Max!

  28. Bob Granger says:

    Happy Birthday Max. One to remember!!!!! Regards Bob G.

  29. Peter Rubin says:

    Happy Birthday, Max! Hello to everyone else!

  30. Lynnski says:

    Dear Maxtiki on the undriveable Plastiki-
    Happy Birthday my friend—hoping that you are keeping your sanity at sea this time, unlike 20 years ago in the French Navy when you pulled a gun on the military policeman!!!!!!!!!!!………..oooops i probably shouldn’t have mentioned that —but i do hope that the flares are locked up on your watch! I figure you’re in the perfect environment–cycling as much as you like without getting anywhere fast and lots of delicious greens and food to cook with, a garden to obsess over in the wee hours and a captive audience to charm(torture)round a table……..wish i was there to celebrate your birthday and hope you have a memorable , interesting, happy time on the high seas……….for god’s sake make yourself useful and catch some fish—then cook it in the masterful JORDOVSKI style…..
    much love

  31. Terry says:

    A very Happy Birthday Max!
    I admire your spirit and the project you are working on.
    You will not forget how you spent your 42nd birthday!!
    Smooth sailing.
    Terry from Ct.

  32. Max(ine) says:

    From one Max to another – Happy Birthday!

  33. Catherine says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX…………I think you have the best present of all……u r out on the Plastiki….. sailin the pacific…….I could only wish…..Safe sailing and HBD Max….

  34. Raphaela says:

    Hey, Happy Birthday Max, some minutes late… hehehe, I just read about your trip on a magazine (EPOCA in Brazil) This is an amaizing idea! I’ll go together with you, through the internet, as my dream is to sail too! I am HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!


  35. Williwaw says:

    Happy B-day Max!
    Wishing you a glorious Green Flash on your sunset!

  36. Joe Chadwick says:

    Happy Birthday, Max! — I’m guessing you may be one of the older folks on board Plastiki. One commenter seems to have a birthday on Friday, and by a weird coincidence I’m another one with a birthday on Friday the 9th. I’m a little further along, being twice your age plus one. We (my lady friend, daughter, granddaughter, and two dogs) met you at the dock in Sausalito, and watched as Plastiki sailed away. We have great respect for what you are doing, and are tracking your progress as closely as we can. Take lots of pictures and stay well. Best regards to all. Hope the cake can be accomplished. My cake will be a large berry shortcake. Hope you can come up with something just as good. Best, Joe

  37. hania moen says:

    Very Happy Birthday, Max! Not too many people in the world can say that they celebrated their birthday in the middle of the Pacific ocean. I wish you a beautiful sunny day, a delicious birthday cake and a surprise present…….four instead of three hours of sleep. Enjoy it!!!!

  38. Scott says:

    Have a good birthday, hopefully some good sunset candles

    cheers Scott

  39. Tereza (friends of Jill Selsman) says:

    Hello Max,
    Happy birthday to you and keep up with the great shots and keep us on the loop.
    42 is a good number and u r doing a great service to the world.
    Much love and all my best.
    Cheers to all your mates.

  40. Brittany says:

    Happy Birthday Max! I’ll send you a private birthday wish! Much love and say hi to the Crew from me.

  41. Catherine Jourda says:

    Happiesterliest birthday to my son. Le thon c’est bon mais avec modération
    Thinking of u all with much love.

  42. Alexandra says:

    hey Max -HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can’t believe you’re out in the middle of the Pacific – it’s wild!!! much love and enjoy your big day out there in the ocean. Much love, Alexandra xxxx

  43. David Young says:

    The photo they’ve posted of you has you looking like a French intellectual – which is quite a feat so far from the Boulevards. Happy Birthday from the Youngs of Callcott. Can’t see the isle of Gozo on the horizon – but we know it beats in your heart. Big love from all of us. D, C, C, J, G and le petit chien. x

  44. shechat says:

    Hi Max, Happy Birthday, have a great day

  45. François Jourdan says:

    Bon anniv de la campagne

  46. Catherine Jourda says:

    Re puisque mon massage n’apparaît pas…

  47. kakes says:

    Happy happy bday Max! Have a pooptastic day!

  48. grand-père et mamie says:

    Bon anniversaire à leur petit-fils

  49. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday Max! from Jenny,Christy,Peter,Janine and Michelle from Dublin, Ireland.

  50. Lani says:

    Hey there Max,
    Happy Birthday!!! I hope some dolphins will greet you as well ;-). Yep, a birthday party in the middle of …..the great pacific ocean. At least not in the middle of the garbage patch ;-). (A big hug and a kiss for the birthday boy!)

  51. Christina says:

    Happy (slightly belated) birthday to MAX! Just started following your voyage thanks to a heads up from Guy S… best of luck!

  52. Trish says:

    Happy birthday Max! Hope the day is perfect for you.

  53. francesca says:

    HAPPY HAPPU BIRTHDAY! Wish I was there to enjoy the party! Francesca

  54. Rick Tuttle says:

    Here’s to a happy birthday party.

    Based on the Captain Bligh result, keeping to one social activity every 17-days may mean that The Pitcairn Islands are not going to be the last stop on a skipperless voyage!!

    Katy, TX

  55. Don from Wisconsin says:

    Happy belated birthday, Max! Keep it up, all, you’re doing great!!!

  56. Nancy says:

    I want to say Happy Birthday and wish you all well. I sat each day at the docks in Sausalito and watched your preparations. Even spoke to three of you one day. I went down to see you off but you left ahead of schedule or I had the time wrong. Anyway … I follow your journey and admire what you’re doing and hope you sail safely and have a fantastic time.

    Take care,

  57. Alica says:

    Greetings from Slovakia and Happy Birthday to Max!
    In case you speak Slovak:) Všetko najlepšie k narodeninám!
    Kisses from my 4-year-old daughter Lea (btw the right person for your night watch, as she never seems to be tired), who is a big (117cm) fan of the Plastiki.
    May the Force be with you :)

  58. Milla and Romy says:

    hi max!!! its milla :) have a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY on board the plastiki! i heard you caught a big tuna (from lola) so…. congratulations! have a good day xx

    hi max its romy Happy Birthday may all your fish be caught!!!xx

  59. Lola says:

    salut papou,
    JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE!!!!!! je t adore je te fais de gros gros gros bisous!
    (amanda et paul te souaitent un joyeux anniv et bonne chance!)

    lola :)

  60. Rosa Mendonça says:

    Happy Birthday, Max!
    Enjoy your time!
    God bless you :)

  61. masakazuwing says:

    Happy Birthday to Max!
    Enjoy your day.

  62. Krayon says:

    Aw Max….a VERY happy birthday to you. What a birthday to remember eh? As a fellow Aries, I would just like to affirm to you that you ARE, indeed, a “hipster hobo riding the Plastiki Pacific Slow Boat to Somewhere”.


  63. francesca says:

    Happy Birthday from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc!

  64. Christine says:

    Max, Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a sunny day moving at more than 2 knots, and with dreams of croissants. You and the whole Plastiki crew are inspiring and awesome – what a mission! Can’t wait to see your film of the journey. Thank you, and best wishes for more many more!

  65. Lars Kolberg says:

    Hei Olav,
    Godt å høre at alt står bra til med dere. God tur videre!

  66. Emilia says:

    Hello Olav

    Hope you still smiling and enjoying the wide open blue, grey green and all other colors in between. You have probably been asked this question so many times: are you related to Thor Heyerdahl? With all that space out there has your outlook on life and meaning changed? Done much diving out there, any lifers for you?

    Take care

  67. Shore Crew says:

    Hi there – Olav is Thors grandson yes…good detective work from you :)

  68. peter watson says:

    Hello all,
    a question for Olav. was your father or grandfathers name Thor? i remember a book on the
    Kon Tiki Expedition.
    i am in Sydney Australia.