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“This is David phoning from the boat! It’s very hot, almost midday in Christmas Island. We arrived yesterday, we got in very early in the morning. We got a tow in from one of the local ferry boat handlers, who managed to pull us into the very shallow lagoon; getting in and out of these atolls can present real challenges. When we got onshore we received a welcoming ceremony from the local community; there was an amazing dance from some local school kids, probably no older than 4 or 5 years old, to welcome us to Christmas Island to talk about our project.

We had a really good night’s sleep in a nice bed and shower at the Captain Cook Hotel, which is in the North of the Island, met some locals and ate some local fish and rice.

Back on land, sea legs are still with me, land legs haven’t seemed to have appeared yet which is good news and everyone seems happy to get off the Plastiki onto dry land. We’re now off to a school to do a talk to 1000 high school students about recycling and Plastiki and what everyone can do.

We’re very excited to be here and we’ll send on more updates when we can.”

David also answered some of your recent questions:
What is the first thing you will did when you got to Christmas Island?
The first thing I did on land was eat some chocolate and drink a soda drink. We ate some local fare, some coconut cakes and drank some coconut water.

What will you be doing whilst on the island?
We’re going to be doing a lot of activities and meet the local environmental groups and the agricultural groups, go to a number of bird sanctuaries and wildlife projects that have been funded by the New Zealand government. We will also be replenishing the hydroponic garden, maybe with some bananas. Graham’s very interested in trying to find some locally grown plants and saplings to put into the garden, the problem we have is that the island imports everything, and doesn’t grow anything. Community spirit here seems amazing; people are always smiling and very welcoming.

You’ll be welcoming some new crew members on board when you leave the island, Graham Hill, founder of TreeHugger, will be one of them…is he excited?
Graham I think is very impressed with the boat, excited to be here and probably slightly overwhelmed; he’s come into this complete madhouse that is the Plastiki. He’s handling it very well. I have a feeling he may be very useful onboard and before long he will be El Capitain, so watch this space. He seems like someone who knows what he’s talking about. That’s kinda scary upon the Plastiki!

Thanks David – we look forward to seeing some of your photos very soon.

Thanks to Matt Grey our expedition co-ordinator for the photos of Christmas Island – more from the crews arrival soon!

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  1. Ulla says:

    This cracks me up: “He seems like someone who knows what he’s talking about. That’s kinda scary upon the Plastiki!”
    I love the positive spirit the Plastiki and it’s crew are carrying across the ocean with them. I’m having a great time following the blog and spreading the word. Even the students seems to enjoy exploring the website. Well, at least most of them do – and it’s not easy to awaken their interest for anything. I’ve spend all day in the PC room with several classes, they’re reading this blog now, too, so I have to be more careful about what I say ;-))
    Have a great break on land and carry those smiles with you :-)

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