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Gardens are often associated with serenity and peace… but how often are they described as adventurous? That’s where we place the Plastiki on the gardening spectrum. We’ve seen all kinds of space-saving vertical gardens positioned in unlikely places: a school fence, the facade of a high-rise building – living walls, indoors and out. But when filmed the installation of Jo Royle’s spinach and kale garden on the mizzen mast of a boat set for 100 days at sea, we were also struck by its mission of extreme sustainability.

In Jo’s vertical seafaring garden, we see an elegant solution to a global problem – how to grow food in an environment with limited fresh water and no fertile soil. Gardeners know how to use wisely and to cultivate carefully the world’s most important resources. That this garden can help sustain an active six-person crew on the adventure of their lives is a metaphor for all of us.

The fact that the young crew and travelling garden are headed for the lifeless “landfill” of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch aboard a boat of 12,000 re-purposed plastic bottles is remarkable. And courageous. And inspiring. Best of luck to Jo and the whole Plastiki team. We look forward to more updates on your garden! is a new online interactive gardening network that helps people become better gardeners, find inspiration, grow their gardens and share with others.

The ‘Making of’ the Plastiki garden…

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  1. Ryan says:

    Opps… looks like the link to the website isn’t working. Check us out here:


    Your Garden Show Team

  2. georgy porgy says:

    Thank you very much for posting this video…really cool and you have shared such wonderful idea. I intend on making several of these to start this gardening process in my yard!! Keep posting about this garden so I can watch its progression and analyze how it is serving your needs.

  3. Mark Kane says:

    Kale. Just about the most nutritious of all leafy vegetables. Great choice for Plastiki.