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Since the Plastiki departed just over a month ago, travelling nearly 3000 nautical miles from the US west coast into the mid-Pacific they have caught but three fish. This isn’t for want of trying, the crew have had lines out continuously, lines which Max revels in explaining are torque hardy and [quote] “extermination angels”.

Although the team are happy with their catches and have enjoyed more than their fill of fish-themed breakfasts, lunches and dinners (plus extra in cans for later on in the journey), there is still a worrying message behind it all.

Over the last few years we’ve seen reports revealing a scary situation in our oceans that could spell disaster for the millions of people who rely on them for their daily livelihoods. Oceana’s “Hungry Oceans” report states that 7 of the 10 top fishing fleets now target 88 species of small prey fish as a part of their staple catch – meaning that they are removing the very species that our larger ocean dwellers, such as tuna and salmon, rely upon for food. Effectively the fishing fleets are removing a link in the food chain and starving larger species. Scary stuff.

According to
• 52% of fish stocks are fully exploited
• 20% are moderately exploited
• 17% are over exploited
• 7% are depleted
• 1% is recovering from depletion

They also say that: “If we want to we can reverse most of the destruction. In some situations it might only take a decade, in other situations it might take many centuries. Yet in the end we can have productive and healthy oceans again as is shown in many examples around the world. We do however need to act on it now, before we cross the point of no return.”.

To help us make personal change we have launched Fish Free Friday, a campaign to try and encourage us all to break the trend of eating fish on a Friday. Each week we are going to release a different fish, complete with facts and a cool image of it doing something else – like riding a bike or playing cards.

David had a bit of a shock last friday when the crew actually caught their third fish – as you can see from this video he was NOT impressed. Part 2 coming soon….

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  1. bernice richardson says:

    it seems to me that the big fishing trawlers have done much damage to fishing stocks and i wonder to myself it if it is at all necessary,as i have told you before [thats if you have gotten my comments]that my dad was a professional fisherman for all my childhood[i'm now 73] but he was a hand line fisherman being away from home five or six days a week he managed to make a living with five children to keep i mention this as an example of what still would be the case if there wer’ent so many dare i say greedy ppl in this ever troubled world as i say you only need one pair of shoes to walk in and you can only sit on one chair at a time and in the end you cant take it with you so why fish the oceans out hey guys have a great day bernice mount barker s.aust x