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Supplying the Plastiki with food for its 100 day trip involved enlisting a team of inspiring chaps who have made it possible for the Plastiki team to eat locally and sustainably throughout their journey. Skipper Jo Royle gave a shout out to all local San Fran food groups and got a great response and here’s a bit from some of the guys that helped.

Bill Crepps from Under the Sun Food was a great help in preparing dried foods.
“Since I’ve been growing organically and selling at farmers’ markets for over 25 years (yikes!) I guess sustainable food is my life. Through the years I have tried to dry more and more of what I grow, and match what I grow to what would make a good dried product, thus making use of more of the production from the farm. When Jennifer approached me with supplying the Plastiki with dried “everything”, it was great incentive to try the few things I had neglected. Like broccoli and braising mix, and I had been wanting to try kale chips in the dehydrator for a long time. Since experimenting I have found a new liking for eggplant chips, onion chips, broccoli chips…who knew? You probably shouldn’t tell the crew this, but they’re somewhat the guinea pigs for what Jennifer has inspired us to try.
A few notes on the drying of vegetables:
20 lbs of carrots makes 2 lbs dried carrots. 20 lbs of greens make less than 1 lbs of dried.”

Bill and Jennifer who helped organise all of the food collection

Bills Braising Mix from his Market pitch

As well as dried food the crew needed a lot of pre-made healthy foods which is where Cook! SF got involved who prepared fresh local produce in gourmet meal kits. A lot of the produce was sourced from the local food market where a whole range of yummy food is sold. The team got together to cook and jar these ready to be taken on board where they will be re-heated, paired with some fresh greens from the garden and served up to the no-doubt hungry crew.

Nona, Jennifer and Jo Royle very proud of their hard work!

Here’s some more of the great food provided for the crew…

Yellow+Blue wines is providing a journey’s worth of our 100% organic, eco-friendly Argentinean Malbec to the crew of the Plastiki. The company’s mission is simple: Offer artisanal-quality imported wine that is affordable and earth-friendly. That mission is even built into the brand’s name: yellow and blue make green!

As Green As It Gets have been keeping the crew awake with their supply of Coffee. They are a non-profit organisation in Guatemala and the coffee has been produced and processed by small independent Guatemalan farmers! The team were also supplied some nice organic teas from the guys at Numi .

The Coffee Farmers

As quick energy snacks the boat has been stocked with some ‘18 Rabbits’ Granola bars which have recyclable wrappers, are made in the SF bay area and includes very simple and yummy ingredients – so thanks guys, you’ll sure be keeping Vern happy! More healthy vegan snack bars came from Suncakes.

Kaia foods heard of our project through a friend who suggested that they donate us some goods – which really shows what a community project this became. Everything they make is certified organic, gluten-free, and ‘raw’ – so very minimally processed and as healthy as can be! They also donate 1% of sales to food aid programs.

We also received some award winning Olive Oil from The Olive Press and for when supplies run low and the team need nutrition fast we have some Fruition bars from Probar who produce 100% organic and vegan meal replacement bars.

So a huge thanks to everyone that was involved in helping the Plastiki Crew fed and happy!

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