April 27th, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Word of the Week

Hopefully today the crew will be hitting dry land for the first time since they left San Francisco 39 days ago. Their first stop off will be Kiribati, or Christmas Island, which sits within one of the world’s largest island chains: the Line Islands.

Only three of the Line Islands are inhabited and, as of 2005, the population sat at under 9000, so what better word of the week is there than ‘Community’, a crucial aspect of any town or city but particularly important where there are so few inhabitants. Let us know what activities you do within your community, how you try and maintain good morale and any environmental causes you all support.

While at Kiribati the crew will be exploring the local area and getting involved in some cool activities, so watch this space!

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  1. linlydollar says:

    Cheer you!! plastiki team …Kiribati very beautiful…

  2. David Lambourne says:

    Just a minor correction. Christmas Island (Kiritimati in the vernacular – pronounced Ki-ri-si-mass) is just one of the 33 atolls and islands that comprise the nation of Kiribati. ‘Kiribati’ and ‘Christmas Island’ are not interchangeable.

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  4. Shore Crew says:

    Hey David – thanks for that. Looks like us land-locked folk in London need to brush up on our island nations :)

  5. Parrys says:

    Intergenerational communication, sharing, caring open and transparent. Also innovative, inspirational, unified, participation, values, ethical and respect. Different people working together to make the world a better place.