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The Plastiki has veered off course somewhat, but, don’t panic, all is well, and we’ll be land bound later today as the crew get closer to the port of Apia in Western Samoa.

Apai is the capital city and is on the island of Upolu which is home to majority of the population, Savai’i is the second largest island and then there are 8 small islets. The island is situated about half way in between Hawaii and New Zealand and is roughly 1,300km away from Fiji, which is where the crew had be hoping to reach! The islands in the vicinity were produced by volcanism, but only one of the islands, Savai’i, is currently active.

In September last year, the island was hit by an earthquake, about 8 on the Richter scale. Although relatively speaking it didn’t cause too much damage in itself, it then led to a Tsunami which struck the south side of Apia, the island the crew have docked in. The disaster killed nearly 200 people and left 4000 people homeless leaving the village of Lalomanu completely devastated and many others.

As the crew pulled into the island, David rang in the Plastiki to give us an update:

“This is David phoning in, we’re travelling 1.7 knots on a course of 200° to Samoa, we can see big lush green hills bursting through the blue and we’re all very excited to be getting back on land again, this was a much shorter leg than anticipated. It seems the Plastiki had a calling for Samoa, she wanted to come straight here, and we obliged. We will be re-supplying and getting all of our bits and pieces ready for the final leg which will be very, very soon. All of the crew are well and looking forward to a real bed and shower again as well as spending some time with the local community; finding out what it is that they do to beat waste. Apparently one cool thing is that they use plastic bottles as rugby balls – recycled rugby as well as I’m sure, many more things. Okay, I’ll be in touch soon – once we’ve cleared customs.
Over and out.

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  1. Viking says:

    Careful coming into Samoa, they might think you guys are just another piece of floatsom from American Samoa – the plastic litter capitol of the Pacific. You guys will find Samoa to your liking, thou, as people there seem to generally be quite environmentally conscious, at the very least they sure can clean up the place for tourists.

  2. John Wasko says:

    Too bad you missed Tutuila and Man’ua in the Samoan Archipelago. These truly lush islands with their rainforersts fully undisturbed are the gems of the group.

    But enjoy Savaii and Upulo. Considering your environmental theme they truly need the help. Their rainforests were logged out decades ago.