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As the Plastiki team gets ready to depart the Christmas Islands, they are also preparing to invite 3 new fresh-faced crew members on board!

The ‘core’ Plastiki crew consists of David, Jo Royle and David Thomson. To fill those three empty bunks in the cabin, we’ll be saying a big Plastiki “hello” to Graham Hill, the founder of, Luca Babini, the world-renowned photographer, and Singeli Agnew, our National Geographic film-maker.

Before these new landlubbers hit the high seas, we asked them to answer a few questions:

So Graham, the Plastiki isn’t your run of the mill holiday, how did you get involved?
I have known David for a few years now and have been following the project. When he invited me to come, I was very excited at the prospect. I definitely worried about how risky it was but at the end of the day, it was way too crazy of an invite to say “no” to!

What is it you’re most looking forward to?
I am looking forward to getting a deeper sense of what a massive ocean the Pacific is and truly feeling “Planet Ocean” as it should be called. I look forward to getting to know the amazing people on the boat, doing a ton of reading, thinking about and being involved in content about the plight of our oceans and becoming a better sailor. And kicking everyone’s ass repeatedly at Banagrams!

You’ll be spending a long time away from land, what luxury or homely items will you be taking with you?
My luxury items are concentrated in my kite bag. I’m a horribly addicted kite surfer so I cut down on my personal stuff so I could bring a couple of sails, my board etc..I am hoping to sneak some kiting in in various exotic locales (such as Kiribati which has been epic).

What will you miss the most?
Consistent kiting. :)
Sleeping 7 hrs at a stretch instead of 3.
Lots of fresh food.
Personal space. 

Graham Hill on Christmas Island from The Plastiki on Vimeo.

Hi Luca, sailing through the Pacific on a bottle boat differs some what from your usual briefs, how was it you got involved in the project?
I was asked by Vanity Fair to shoot a portrait of David a few years back and decided that since he was a famous adventurer it could have been funny to shoot him in Central Park (NY).
So here we are waiting for him right in the middle of the park and he calls me on my cell one hour past our rendezvous time and tells me in a sheepish voice that he’s lost. We then spend the next half hour trying to find each other and, when I finally succeed in guiding him to our location, I can’t help but making fun of him for the duration of the shoot. I guess he liked my human-beacon skills because he called me a month later to tell me about Plastiki and ask me if I wanted to be part of the adventure. For over 2 years, I have documented the making of Plastiki in San Francisco and now I’m about to be part of the crew for the second leg. I can’t wait !!!

What is it you are most looking forward to?
Food fights with David.

What kit will you be taking on board as the boat’s resident photographer?
There is already quite a bit of equipment on Plastiki. I’ll just take my Canon 5D with a short zoom and a small Leica.

Have you spent much time at sea before, what are you most anxious about and what is it from home you’ll miss the most? 
I grew up in Genoa which is a town very big on sailing. I spent endless hours at sea on a small wooden dinghy often having to be rescued and towed back for not being able of tacking because of the rough weather. The Coast Guard HATED me. I kept sailing on and off for many years and I crossed once from the Marquises Islands to California…but that was on a gigantic super comfortable sailing yacht. I’m anxious about forgetting some little simple thing that I really needed. I’m a pacer, I’ll miss that and my kids.

Check back soon as we hear from the boat as it sets sail from Christmas Island…

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  1. bernice richardson says:

    welcome aboard to the new crew just wish i were on plastiki with you all have been following the adventure from day one so have a good day all and keep the fishing at maximum lol bernice richardson sth aust x

  2. WEST DOVER GRADE5 says:

    Hey everyone,

    We play Bananagrams all the time in are Word Work block of literacy. We challenge you to a Bananagrams game. Losers have to go around our community and help pick up and recycle trash.

    GAME ON?