May 12th, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Weather, Word of the Week

The crew have narrowly escaped a trip through the Doldrums – an area of a low-pressure around the equator which causes light winds and unpredictable severe weather. So the Plastiki team should, fingers crossed, have got off the hook. However, the weather in the Pacific can be unpredictable and dangerous, which is something that people around the globe have had to become increasingly used to with natural weather induced disasters becoming more frequent and extreme.

But climate doesn’t have to be just about global warming, typhoons and floods, it can also mean a great holiday to a sunny island, or a trip skiing in the alps. Let us know what your climate angsts are, what you love, what worries you, and what climate changes you’ve seen or experienced over the years.

Also to any of the school groups out there looking for a morning activity why not tell us your favorite type of weather – do you like jumping in big puddles or days out in the sun? Why not even send us a drawing or picture?!

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  1. West Dover Grade 5 says:

    To me climate means moods. When climate is having a good day we have nice days,when it has a bad day we have a cold day. Also It reminds me of a washing mashine cycle. First the water (rain) second soap (snow) and third rinse (rain). I like the rinsing cycle. The scary thing about climate is that we can have severe weather like tornado’s and very cold snowy days. The nice thing about climate is that we don’t always get cold days that’s why we have summers. They can get very hot! Well this is what climate means to me.

    West Dover Elementary Calgary Alberta Canada Dannica

  2. Parrys says:

    C – Climbing in the mountains during the cooler months – wicked
    L – Leaves in the Autumn in my front yard, like today – beautiful
    I – Ice Climbing in New Zealand – awesome
    M – Manoeuvring my surfboard on the perfect wave with the sun on my face – paradise
    A – Amazon Rainforest – tropical – precious – must save it – put on my to do list!
    T – Travelling for adventure, meeting locals, seeing and learning – I love my passport
    E – Eating ice-cream with my friends on hot summer days, yummy in my tummy

    PS Don’t forget International Biodiversity Day – 22nd of May!!!