June 27th, 2010, posted by Max Jourdan Tags: Max Jourdan

I love…

I love imagining we are survivors adrift in a post-apocalyptic world and that all the continents have been submerged by great oceans.

I love hoping that if I stay exposed to sea water long enough I might take a solitary evolutionary detour; my skin might develop the rubbery sheen of porpoises and my eyes might acquire the visual faculties of squid to better suit a life aquatic.

I love the feeling of being so far out at sea nobody can come to your rescue.

I hate the strange, accelerated orbit of planet Plastiki: Night, day, night, day, night, night day; all in 24 hours.

I love the rising dawn after a long night and the promise of a bright, new, shiny day.

I love when warm, violent waves crash over the helm, when spray burns your eyes, when the whole structure of the boat groans, flexes and warps, when the white-crested swell lifts a hull out of the water and briefly hesitates before letting it drop with a ‘whoosh’ and surge of foam, when the wind drives the wings of the sails so hard you wonder how all that rigging can handle the tension.

I love the taste of salt on ocean-burned lips.

I hate the fact that Bernard Moitessier would throw his trash into the ocean and offered to donate all the royalties of his book to the Pope.

I love the stiff-winged, aeronautical feats of flying fish; tiny, metallic sea-air missiles.

I love the flow of vermilion blood on the white deck.

I hate putting on wet clothing at 4am and stepping out to take the helm.

I love standing naked at the bow and splashing buckets of lapis-blue water over myself.

I love soft, moonless, matt-black nights that spook you.

I love knowing my daughter’s spirit, metamorphosed into a mermaid, is following in our wake.

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  1. Sara Seaman says:

    I’m sensing a lot of sarcasm :D Sometimes it’s the sarcasm that helps us through the tough times we are feeling. Ya just have to know when not to unleash that beastie on the others that are sharing your journey. I’m not a psychologist-just a nosey mom. You have to keep telling yourself that it will be one heck of a stroll down memory lane when it’s all over! Then you’ll want to go out and do it again (GASP). Irony, sarcasm and good wishes on your journey! –Sara

  2. mjpm says:

    Nice blogs Max. Following the plastiki expedition erratically so I”m not sure what your role in the crew line-up is, but seriously enjoying your blogs which I’ve just discovered today.

    I gather you’re French so once back in ‘the old country’ come visit us at the Club Nautique where we sail on the River Dordogne (terrible capricious winds which constantly change direction in our Dordogne river valley, come up strong then die in a minute – I’m used to changeable winds, having sailed on Lake Michigan & Lake Victoria ( Uganda side) but these give new meaning to the word ‘capricious’)

    Greetings to the crew & a collective “Enjoy the voyage’ to all of you.


  3. lola Jourdan says:

    Salut Papou je te vois tres bientot en australie! xxxx :)

  4. Oliver Warden says:

    and I love being inspired.

  5. Jo, Jet and Zach says:

    Hey Max

    You are a lovely writer… we are following your boat and hopefully get to see it on Sunday when it arrives in Sydney. What a huge journey? Not only physically and mentally, but spiritually too… Lola and the boys have had lots of fun times over the last few days. Elliot has a new part-time big sister to dribble on :). Greg’s in Uk, so have seen lots more of Karen too, that’s great.

    Well maybe see you soon.

    Jo, and gang :)