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Mr T and I have been extremely busy since we got here; we’re trying to prepare the boat for another long leg towards Sydney, where we expect to see probably the worst weather we’ve seen on the voyage.

I’ve serviced all the electrical gear. We’ve still managed to survive off 100% renewable energy ever since we left San Francisco which is incredible because we have lots of “Digital Dave” and “Digital Graham” using our HP computers and communications courtesy of our amazing satellite partner, Inmarsat.

We have also changed all of our wire rigging to rope rigging. Previously, if we were to fall off a wave and get a sudden gust of wind, the wired rigging would point load that area of the hull, so now that we’ve changed to rope they should act like more of a shock absorber so the hull will take a lot less of the load.

It’s really fun to have another girl onboard – it was desperately needed for me so I’ve had a great time sailing with Singeli. I’m sorry she’s not joining us to Sydney. In fact, I was happy because we were going to have 2 other girls on board but, unfortunately, they both have dropped out because the next leg is going to be a really long leg so it’s a big commitment for people that have never sailed before. I will be back to being the only girl which I’m a bit apprehensive about as it’s always good to have another girl to giggle with and share our girly talk. Its not a bad swap though as Vern and Max will be joining us. So it will be great to have the original crew back, minus Olav, of course – who we will miss wondering around in his boxer shorts!

And I can’t moan too much, the guys are great. There are six of us living in this tiny cabin and we’ve been at sea for 60 days. Of course, we’ve had our niggles like you would do if you were living with your family locked away in a shed for 60 days but, generally, we all get along and we’ve had no big arguments at all. To be honest, the most annoying habit is probably the boys showing me their spotty bums; they have very spotty bums from sitting down all the time and I don’t need to see that!

Western Samoa is actually environmentally leaps and bounds ahead of some English towns, we’ve got to hurry and catch up otherwise it’s a bit hypocritical for us going around the Pacific spreading this message. They already use Bio-Bag as plastic bags were banned in 2006. In fact, when the towboat came and met with this rather nice Samoan gentleman named Trevor us he brought us fresh bread in a Bio-Bag so that was pretty cool.

We had a visit from the ambassador of the United States for Samoa, who came and took a tour of the vessel, and he talked about some of the recycling polices in Samoa. We also met a gentlemen who has set up his own recycling campaign, and he’s managed to set up a bag refuse collection to try and encourage all the stores to credit the individuals who are bringing their own bags back. Samoa is super clean, the community is really inspired to recycle, and I think that there is a huge amount that we can learn about having pride in your own environment.

Singeli and I are going off now together for a girly time. We’ve spoken to the Rainforest Commission here. We’re going to check out some really beautiful rainforests, some waterfalls and hopefully visit some more secluded villages and see if we can learn about how people are living more at one with nature where we’re used to living in England. So that’s it for me, I’m keeping a constant eye out on the weather to make sure we have a smooth passage onwards to Sydney.

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  1. Brenda says:

    Pulled your story from a news source and found your website…I’m fascinated and being educated by your passion~ Safe and blessed travels to yo all!!

  2. M. Vargas says:

    I absolutely love the idea of sharing with all of us the balance reached by the Samoan Community between smart living and respect for nature in such ethical way. I can’t wait to hear more about it. Also this is part of the solutions presented to you to share with the rest of the world. Great!!! Very Happy :)

  3. Bill says:

    That sounds so cool! In case you are not aware, San Fran has a policy about bio bags as well or at least they did for a while. I’m not too sure if their policy is still in effect. It must be so much fun traveling like that.

  4. Cres says:

    I, too, am fascinated by your voyage. I enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you!
    Good luck and safe voyage to Sydney. From Michigan.