June 2nd, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Islands, Plastiki

The crew have now been on land for over a week. While on Samoa, they’ve been having some well-earned rest as well as exploring some of the beautiful areas on the island. David tweeted: “Spent last few days exploring the islands of Samoa! What a special place! Love how clean and into recycling – we can learn a lot from Samoa!”

The crew are now preparing for the final leg of the journey which will take them down through the South Pacific and into Australian waters. So it will be another 30 to 40 days at sea for our crew who have now traveled 5,500 nautical miles across one of the most remote stretches of water on our planet.

Here are some photos and videos from the 10 days spent on the island of Samoa…..

Photo’s by Luca Babini.

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  1. Micah Tuitama-Roberts says:

    Great to see you made it to Samoa, where my dad is from. Beautiful Island where having very little money forces everyone to recycle! Check out the shopping bags, they are made up of corn starch I believe, which is biodegradable. Can’t see why we can’t do that here in Oz! Best of adventures till you reach Oz!