June 10th, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Oceans, Plastics, Recycling, Waste

Here are some of the Plastic Proverbs we’ve been working on around the theme of waste in our oceans…

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  1. KnowThankYou says:

    Waste products are a sign of an inefficiency. Something is being wasted. As we marvel at our own glories, humans remain the single most inefficient species in the universe as we know it. In our travels to the vast expanses of space we have found evidence of the carelessly discarded trash of only one species, humans, and that trash even in space poses hazards to travel. Having seen what humans do to space, and to our own planet, is it really any wonder that beings from other planets would have no interest in contacting us? We ourselves are obviously of lower intelligence, and have the arrogance to consider ourselves the most intelligent species here because we don’t understand the others. It must be quite easy for other beings to overlook this place; we’re the bad side of the universe.