June 7th, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Plastics, Word of the Week

The Plastiki is a boat made from 12,500 plastic bottles and a frame of 100% recyclable plastic, on a voyage across an ocean littered with discarded plastic waste…so what better and more fitting word is there to focus on than “Plastic”?

The material has revolutionised our consumer culture and at the same time impacted our environment in a irreversible and almost immeasurable way, plastic has become a big part of our life whether we like it or not. Stay tuned this week for lots of plastic fact-tastic blogs, and with tomorrow being the World Oceans Day we’ll also be featuring a lot of great content, including a piece from Sylvia Earle and her Mission Blue.

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  1. Parrys says:

    Plastic, plastic everywhere! When I read plastic was the word of the week I thought what more is there to say because Plastiki and the expedition has shed the light on plastic like never before. I see all the facts and quite frankly it freaks me out so I decided to look at plastic from an everyday point of view. So this morning I decided to take note of all the plastic’s I come into contact with throughout the day. So I got up this morning got a big hug and a kiss from mum and thought this is starting out ok but then I saw the first bit of plastic! Plastic buttons on mums pyjamas. I then started to make breakfast. This morning cereal, milk – plastic bottle, fridge plastic handle and plastic shelves, microwave to heat the milk – plastic buttons and plastic door and sides. Time for apple juice oh oh another plastic container. Next, time to make lunch. Wrap sandwich in you guessed it plastic wrap, yogurt – plastic tub, juice popper – plastic coated, fruit no plastic and you have to admire how nature provides a natural cover for my mandarin and banana. Water bottle – NOT PLASTIC! Ok time to leave the kitchen I go into the bathroom oh dear, toothpaste – plastic tube, toothbrush – plastic, hair brush – plastic, the edging around the mirror and the shower cubical – plastic, next get dressed for school. Uniform – plastic zipper, Shirt – plastic buttons, Blazer – plastic buttons, shoe laces – with plastic tips, school bag – plastic zippers and plastic clasps, laptop – all plastic!!, books – covered in plastic, pens – plastic. Before I leave the house using the plastic handle on the door I stop and think ok plastic is part of our lives, a big part of our lives so what now. I think about the things I can do and remain committed to make changes where I can and you only have to look around this site to get some ideas on what you can do BUT one other thing I don’t produce any of the “things” I use. What goes into producing all these plastic “things”? What damage is being done to the environment to produce all our “things”? How much pollution is made to get our “things” to the shops and then bring our “things” into our homes, schools and offices? There has to better a better way of doing things and this is why I love the Plastiki and how the expedition is providing a new solution. Rethinking and redesigning for a better outcome. It’s time for change, we need to change, I want things to change so I can grow up and live on a healthy planet. I want things to change so the planet can regain a lot of what it has lost. It is possible, isn’t it?

    PS If you decide you want to do something, start by signing the Plastiki pledge!