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“Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.”

Thankfully it hasn’t come to that just yet for the Plastiki crew but water has been a big consideration for the team during their 90 days at sea. Planning has been key and they’ve had first hand experience of the realities faced by so many people across the planet who have limited water supplies.

Although a lot of people in more developed societies can put their hands up to taking water for granted, a lot of people don’t have that luxury and as populations continue to boom and water is wasted through things like producing plastic water bottles (did you know for every litre of water poured into a bottle another 2 litres are used in its manufacture?!) we might all soon face the same water worries.

Share your water stories and stay tuned from some great pieces from water experts.

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  1. harish says:

    hi my name is harish pattni,self taught innovative artist..since march10,i plan make a plastic
    bottle boat (16ft long),and i aim to cross the channel and help raise funds for a 6yrs old charlotte,who has a rare blood disorder,(dba) and needs a bone marrow transplant.
    my boat with some great new ideas involves all my own thinking,planning,designing,fabrication…all own my head.(i don’t have any material experts or rocket experts or any sponsors or big money boys on my team!).
    bye the way,how did david/and his team get the 12000 bottles and how long did it take to collect them?..
    ..i am having problems collecting 2000 bottles..for reasons of govt lagislations,health and
    safety reasons…govt depts have their finger in every pie,making it difficult for me get on
    with my project…never mind,i’ll find a way soon…watch this space. i am not gonna give away
    any details of my project at present. bye4now,harish,5.27pm/bst/28jun10.

  2. Ali Serim says:

    Water supplies of between 1 000 and 2 000 m3/person per year make a country water stressed. When the figure drops below 1 000 m3/person per year, the country is classified as water scarce, and this usually manifests itself in severe constraints on food production, economic development, and production of natural ecosystems. People should try to calculate the amount of water they consume in a week and they will be amazed by the see the figure in developed countries…

  3. Chuck says:


    First of all this is such a great idea and adventure you all are taking (and I suppose we are taking it with you in a way)! This fact about the amount of water used to produce a bottle of water is something I’m sure most people don’t know, think about, or want to know. Well I’m glad I know!

    I also have a favor to ask (and of course I understand it’s a long shot): I am a part time MBA student at Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ (USA). I am taking a class called Creativity in Business Leadership. I need to do a presentation on a book or article that provides some sort of insight into creativity. I decided an interview with David would be much more interesting! The trip on the boat made of recycled bottles is an extremely creative way to raise awareness in my opinion. Anyway, if there is any chance that I could get an interview with David that would be amazing! Of course, I know my chances are slim, but I figured it was worth a shot! If you are able to help me I would at least get your message out to about 50 other part time MBA students!

    You have my email.

    Good luck with the rest of your trip (I will keep watching)!


  4. Shore Crew says:

    Hi Harish – we collected our bottles from the recycling center in San Fran…you can read about it here:http://archive.theplastiki.com/2010/07/from-big-ideas-to-the-high-seas-10000-bottles/
    Could i suggest setting up a collection point at a local school, office building or community centre – it may also help raise awareness and get people behind your project :)

    All the best with it!

  5. harish.k.pattni says:

    hi there david and co.
    just an update about my speedboat project..
    i now have 1400 bottles!!600 more to go.
    so far i tried many ways to get the bottles.i put 350 leaflets thru doors asking people
    to leave bottles outside on selected days..only about 12 household did,inc one nice lady
    who took her dog for a walk on fridays and got over 110 bottles from greenbins(recycling tubs)!
    i put an offer of ‘10pence off next purchase’ if people bring the empties back..only 5 shops
    out of 22 got them back..one spainish guy was to make a greenhouse but he decided to give over 120 bottles.!
    the best so far was to go to many indian weddings in leicester at weekends..enjoyed the partytime but then washing the bottles has been hardwork…
    the students are back at leicester uni..therefore, i hope to get the 600 bottles soon.
    …its all gonna be worthwhile to help charlotte (www.charlotteschallengeappealfund.co.uk)
    bye4now ,harish.6.45pm/bst/01oct2010

    was to tiring..every wee