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Hi this is David phoning in, after the high dramas on the high seas we have finally arrived and are walking on Australian soil in Mooloolaba, Queensland. It has been a truly amazing journey and to finally arrive in Australia, albeit slight north of our destination, is an extraordinary and epic moment for the Plastiki voyage.

There was a lot of conversation in the media about the fact that we might have been rescued – however, this wasn’t the case and we’ve issued a statement telling you all about it which you can see here.

We’re looking forward to taking the boat south and we should be heading to Southport in the next 24 hours and working our way to Sydney. So as you can imagine the crew is ecstatic and really excited to be in Australia. It’s kind of emotional for me at the moment, as I haven’t really absorbed the reality of our journey coming to an end yet but we’re all really looking forward to having our last week on the boat as we prepare to reach Sydney on the 25th of July.

I really want to thank everybody that was behind this expedition, supporting and following us during the voyage. The connectivity between the boat and you the supporter has been extraordinary, and a huge boost to the crew throughout the last 120 days of the expedition. Thanks to the partners, sponsors and everyone else that’s been involved behind the scenes, from the guys in London HQ to the Shore Crew in Sydney.

Now we’ve got to keep on thinking about how we can beat waste. We hope that the Plastiki’s legacy continues to put the message out there about how we can all be bigger, bolder and stronger in tackling the issue of waste. We already have the solutions it’s just about how we apply them.

See you dockside in Sydney!

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  1. Penel says:

    Congratulations!!! You all have done an incredible feat. Besides traveling across the ocean in a plastic bottle, we all are more aware of the need to reduce our plastic bottle (or other plastic) waste…THANK YOU : )

  2. Captain Gigi says:

    So now the question really hits home: Where *do* we go to recycle all these Plastiki bottles?

  3. Ulla says:

    Congratulations for arriving in Australia !
    If it wasn’t a stupid waste to fly all the way down to Sydney just to greet the Plastiki crew upon arrival, I’d do just that to express my respect and admiration for this extraordinary mission ;-)
    Keep inspiring us. I’m sure a lot of people are thinking about our impact on the environment a little more than “pre-Plastiki-time” :-)
    See you someday somewhere on this beautiful planet :-)

  4. Teresa Wojciak says:

    Your an inspiration. The world needs more people like you to make them aware what we are doing to our planet.

  5. Phoebe says:

    Hi David, and crew…

    Ah, the controversy of arriving on Australia shores by boat… hmmm… and to be over-shadowed by a pesky federal election?! Welcome to our fair shores nonetheless, and don’t let them tell you time in Nauru will speed it all up…

    What a totally inspiring crusade you’ve all undertaken – congratulations! I’ve loved reading about it as a passionate devotee to the amazement of nature, a very jealous sailor-wannabe, and as a lover of art, as the shots have captured some of the most extraordinarily beautiful moments! wow… lucky folks.

    And kudos on signing-off with the call to action… It’s so true, and although the “spectacle” gains some traction and debate… awareness…which is all fantastic, it’s truly alarming that our communities are still so dependent on awareness-raising and that so much apathy exists. Difficult isn’t it.

    Homer Simpson asked, or perhaps it was Mo, stirring Flanders, what game God was playing to surround us with water which if we drank would kill us… I’m in my 30s so I should have figured this out already, however, it occurred to me more so that THAT world belongs to others, so why are humans completing f*%!ing around with it?! I thought about this in light of the desalination plant under construction in Victoria, as well as the dreadful horror off the Gulf of Mexico…… the causes in which the Plastiki is raising awareness …the list goes on.

    Your project has reminded me of thoughts I had when travelling in India and Nepal, 10 years ago, where, as you would know, there are dreadful litter remnants of western travellers (altho India is probably now experiencing it also thru the rise of their middle-upper class) … the literal island dumps of rubbish in Mumbai and the huge % of these consisting of plastic water bottles, since so many of us travellers rely on purified water… At the time, I thought wow… here is a huge multi-national company, Coca Cola, enjoying INSANE profits in bottling purified water… yet leaving the literal clean up to a nation that is busting at the seams to offer basic facilities/amenities to its own people, let alone clean up after temporary visitors… I thought pressure should be put on such a major corporation to assist with the recycling, and control of this waste… and more. Slightly idealistic of me… and I was only looking at an element of the waste in these nations as I realise this is not the sole cause… but still… people need to interpret things as part of the bigger picture. I’ll have to go back to India and check out it out again…

    I would love to email through to you/the crew an engaging, relevant essay a friend has written recently about the lack of call to action, or seriousness towards the global environmental situation today. It is well-informed and insightful and although there’s loads of literature out there, sometimes the “every man” can have the clearest, simplest and most relevant voice.

    I’m sure you have a lot of computer time with no tunes, no 30 Rock, no beer…but I hope I have not taken too much of your time with this email. Go look at the Southern Cross! Oh, and as a ridiculous dog lover, still grieving the sad death of my darling bigblackdog nearly 2 years ago :-( I know they are the best and easiest things in the world to miss… I so share that with you! it’s worth it for the crazy ecstatic reunion though!

    Safe travels to team Plastiki and as I am in Melbourne, I can only send a cheer up the Hume Highway. Melbourne is a much better city BTW… once you get past the Harbour… dock up there, but celebrate down here!



  6. ethan says:


  7. ADLD says:

    Dear David,
    since my previous comment seems to be lost in moderation, here is my kind request to Plastiki to consider the Danube Delta as its next destination. The Delta deserves to be known and saved.
    Wish you all a safe trip to the shore

  8. Cate Jessep says:

    Congratulations David we have followed your trip with great interest. What a wonderful job you have done raising awareness of the issue of buying plastic and disposing of it.
    We work in the area of sustainability education with young people and your actions are leading the way for a generation of young people world wide.
    We wonder what you are doing this summer?
    I would like to make you an offer. Are you coming to New Zealdn on your way back to the states.
    We run a Make a Difference Marine programme for secondary school students here in the beautiful Hauraki Gulf. If you are coming to New Zealand for the summer we would love the students to travel to Motutapu Island for our 3 day camp with you on your yacht and talk with you, on Jan 19 2011.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Cate Jessep
    Yuth sustainability Development Cordinator for Auckland Region

  9. ADLD says:

    Dear David,
    C’est toujours moi, avec le même Delta:-)
    There is a film festival next week hosted by the Danube Delta (in Sfantu Gheorghe, the place where the Danube meets the Black Sea) so you may want to bring Plastiki crew to relax a bit in the largest colony of pelicans outside Africa:-)
    See you on the sands of Delta