July 20th, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Word of the Week

As the Plastiki is only a week away from reaching its final destination, Sydney, we thought it would be a great time to look back over other great adventures, explorations and environmental undertakings.

We’d also like to hear what ‘Explore’ means to you and any adventurous stories of your own. So get commenting!

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  1. Irina says:

    If I could write there one more name I would add australian Joss Brooks from http://www.pitchandikulamforest.org/cms/content/view/68/116/
    He became a true hero for me and thanks to him my awareness about trash was brought to whole new level…and he is doing real down to earth work in one of the most environmentally and socially problematic chaotic (and terribly hot!) places of the planet (that is far from idyllic California) trying to restore ecosystem where it was completely destroyed. the root of the problem I guess is that most of the ocean pollution comes from rivers, beaches especially in coastal cities and I think indian cities are ones of the worst! so we should start from there..my humble dream is that plastiki explore more what he and his team have been doing for coastal ecosystems if you have not done it yet! :)
    I’ve just realised that I want to call him and express my gratitude. It is long time since I heard his voice! and he is available though very busy..)

  2. Pieta says:

    I went exploring today in Sydney for my first day of holidays in a long time and found PLASTIKI. This could mean explore now = plastiki, to me.
    Looking forward to more “plastiki”ations. Thanks for the inspiration.