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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we love hearing about YOU! The team here at Plastiki HQ spend all day talking about the Plastiki so not only is it a bit of respite but its also incredibly inspiring to hear how YOU are making a difference to the planet.

For a few weeks now, we’ve been asking for you to send in stories about how you’ve been trying to beat waste, improve your local environment and all in all give Mother Nature a bit of a helping hand. So over the next week we’ll be posting these here and giving everyone else a chance to tell their story….

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  1. Rob Weathers says:

    Hi All!

    Just finished reading Kon-Tiki this evening. A nice old dog-eared early 50’s edition. Wow. Why did I have to wait till I was 45 to do this? It makes me want to be there with you all so much. I’ve always loved the ocean from living on Block Island for many summers while growing up to vacationing on Kauai just two weeks ago with the family.

    I loved Thor’s drive to understand the past in order to better bring people together today. Showing people that we all have common ancestors in spite of the nationalistic divisions the world so fervently demands, is a concept still way ahead of its time. With Plastiki’s statement on the damage that petroleum-based plastic bottles are slowly causing to the environment, to the killing of the Gulf of Mexico by that out of control oil well; when will people see that we as a species and the planet are one? Our ancestors once crawled out of its waters onto land.

    What to do? The damage that is done is done. Going forward, the biggest bang for the buck would probably be contacting our elected officials to author and codify legislation mandating all consumer plastics with a high probability of becoming landfill must be made out of the new generation of materials that will biodegrade in a reasonable amount of time. And do it by say 2015. Relying on people to do the right thing as in always recycling or choosing reusable containers is not always feasible. With the pressures of modern life, convenience often brings sanity. There will always therefore be pigs so let’s at least make their waste an environmentally friendly one. My 2 cents.

    And please, if some leviathan visits, please don’t poke it in the head. Remember you are ambassadors to your ancestors, contemporaries and descendants.

    Enjoy the stars,

  2. Tor M A says:

    Take a look to Norway, here we have a system where every bottle have a “fee rate” from 1NKR to 2,5NKR. This rate is payed when you bye the bottles in the store together with then price for the bottle. Like an half litr of Coce cost 8NKR + 1NKR = 9NKR. Then in every store, we have collection stations, where you get this fee back.

    In this way we collect back about 90% of all bottles and boxes.

    This is an Norwagian page, but use google translater, then you will understand:
    - http://pant.no/pantesystem.php

    Have fun, the solution is there already. ;-)