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Complete with an ‘elderly crossing sign’ and named the An-Tiki, could this Atlantic crossing be the next daring adventure to follow in Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki footsteps after the Plastiki?

Anthony Smith, 84 years young, an adventurer, retired writer for the Telegraph and Grandfather to boot will be departing from the Canary Islands with his crew of 3 on a 2,800 mile journey towards the Bahamas, all on a raft made from plastic gas pipes.


Smith is no stranger to adventure, having been the first Briton to go over the French Alps in a hot air balloon he has also led a pioneering East Africa Expedition with the Telegraph and has written over 30 books. He will be joined by 57 year old David Hildred, a civil engineer and ocean yacht master and his close friend Andy Bainbridge, 56 – neither of whom are ‘age old pensioners’ as Smith had originally advertised for, but both are ready and raring for the January departure which will see them living on the 13 yard raft with the primary shelter constructed form adapted pig huts.

It’s great to see another adventure inspired by Thor’s epic expedition of 1947, to find out more about the Kon-Tiki click here. More information on Smith’s journey can be seen in this Independent Article.

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  1. Robin Batchelor says:

    Firstly Plastiki – Huge congratulations to your successful inspirational voyage.

    Thankyou for ‘waving the flag’ for An-Tiki.
    Our website is although still in early stages.

    We shall be grateful for any advice!!

    All good wishes,

  2. Joanna K. Rock says:

    Yeah! That’s my Godfather! Only wish I could go too!