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The morning the Plastiki and her crew sailed into the heads of Sydney Harbour was a morning I will never forget. I felt so happy for David to achieve what he had set out to do and I felt happy for the crew to have been part of a very special adventure. I was so excited to finally see Plastiki with my own eyes. It was a cool winter’s morning as we (media boat) and many other boats came to welcome and escort the Plastiki from the heads through the harbour to where she would be moored. As they sailed passed the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge there was a lot of cheering and beeping!

Here are some of the media on board.

The Plastiki moored at Darling Harbour and the crew walked up the plank way to a huge crowd waiting. There were lots of cheers and camera flashes going off. The media seemed to be everywhere and I was having a tough time seeing anything. Then I saw the pink beanie and David’s huge smile. We managed to break through the crowd say hello and a hug. The crew caught up with their family and friends who were waiting for them. Then it was time for the official proceedings and lots of media interviews.

Plastiki moored along the welcome banner I made. The frill along the bottom was made from 30 plastic bags. The crew signed the banner and gave it back to me – a special memento.

It was great to see so many people come down to Darling Harbour to witness such a special event. The atmosphere was electric, people were clapping and cheering, cameras were madly clicking and there was a positive buzz.

I was given a tour of Plastiki by Max Jourdan. On board the Plastiki felt quite sturdy but the cabin was a lot smaller than I imagined. The kitchen is tiny and there isn’t too much room to move about.

It was a great day. This epic adventure I hope will go down in the history books as one that made a difference – inspiring solutions for our planets ecology.

The next event was a talk given by David at SIMS – The Institute of Marine Science which is on the North side of the harbour. A big crowd turned up at this great venue. David shared his stories of the expedition and the crowd were able to ask questions. David showed footage of storm the Plastiki had to endure which the crowd was able to get a real understanding of the difficulties of such an adventure. A great night overall and SIMS is a fantastic organisation.

The following night was another talk at the Seymour Centre. A huge crowd turned out and it was great to see kids attending and asking questions. I was shocked when David put up one of his report cards for everyone to see. Let’s just say they were a little below average. It just goes to show you can’t be good at everything but you can still make a difference. Again David’s story abilities shone through.

This talk was recorded and you can watch it here.

The next night was a talk at the Maritime Museum. David was interviewed on stage by Kim McKay. Kim is a really energetic lady so between Kim and David the talk was full of energy. Jo Royle the skipper and naval architect Andy Dovell were invited on stage to talk and answer questions. It was a fun night.

Now the grand finale for Plastiki was an open day hosted by the Maritime Museum. Over 3,500 people turn out – even celebrities. It was really cool meeting John Dee, the founder of Planet Ark and Do Something. John is someone I find really inspirational. I was able to get a snap with him in front of a really cool electric car he bought along. It was a beautiful day in Sydney and it was great meeting and talking to so many people. I particularly enjoyed talking to the many kids that visited. Most of the kids (and some adults) really liked my recycled surfer. I made the surfer from all recycled material and so I spent a lot of time talking about how we can turn waste into something like art.

The last 12 months working on Plastiki has been incredible and I have learnt so much. I am hoping to take what I have learnt and it share with other kids. The week of Plastiki’s arrival has been the best week of my life! I have to say meeting the team from Adventure Ecology was so cool. I loved hanging out with them as so they are so positive and energetic. Thankyou AE Team – you rule! Thanks to David for letting me hang out with you. You already know what an inspiration you are to me and I want to be part of the next expedition!

Parrys Raines – Climate Girl.

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