August 26th, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Arts, Campaigns, Design, Environment, Technology

The Earth Awards are back and this year’s finalists have already been announced showcasing a range of exciting innovations and designs that could help shape how we approach sustainable design.

The awards were set up in 2007 to create a platform where consumer driven ideas could be showcased and pitched into business leaders, providing a unique opportunity for inventors and designers to develop their ideas into salable solutions.

Each entry has to fall into one of six categories with a finalist being selected from each area. This years finalists have produced ideas from bamboo sunglasses to sustainable self-build shell structures to artificial photosynthetic foam.

In the ‘Product’ category Arthur Huang has been selected for his PolliBrick carbon neutral cladding which is made out of reclaimed plastic bottles (something we have a bit of an interest in!). The material also features solar lighting and would be used to clad the outside of buildings at a much lower cost, with reduced energy needed for the material and transportation as it is locally sourced.

The grand winner, as judged by a panel of world leading entrepreneurs designers and thinkers, receives £50,000 towards developing the design and will be announced on 16th September.

For information visit the Earth Awards site.

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