September 6th, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Arts, Build, Campaigns, Plastics, Recycling

We recently heard from Ecostep.me, who are a Swedish non-political group of individuals who want to change to a more sustainable lifestyle, telling us about their own fabulous plastic bottle creation.

The Chandelier is made from 1044 plastic bottles and has been entered as a world record! Hear what Ecostep have to say below….

“Every single bottle represents a sustainable action, wish or effort made by participants of ecostep.me, and by building the chandelier we want to inspire and challenge others to make a shift to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Taking the first sustainable step is the same as putting the first bottle in the chandelier. Every action counts and anyone can do it. We can all build our own virtual chandelier of sustainability by changing our life step by step, it’s simple and it all adds up; from the 1st bottle to number 1044.

The first plastic bottle was fitted by Roshan, 9 years and bottle 1044 by Carl, 12 years, both from Malmoe, Sweden.”

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  1. Timea Basa says:

    I love the way this bottle Chandelier looks… amazing.. just another great Idea!!! And Its even more Cool, when Kids are involved-so they get the feeling of an active involvement within the change :) Thnxx 4 sharing !!

  2. willie says:

    Beautiful! What a good idea! I like chandeliers, and this one is attrctive in so many different ways. It’s a spectacular work of art. Thank you so much for sharing it with me and the world.