September 29th, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Environment, Film & Television, Oceans, Plastics, Recycling, Waste

Have you ever given much thought to what happens to your rubbish once its been chucked in the trash? Well this week CNBC will be launching a program on the secret life of garbage to give you a look behind the scenes. Although the primary focus of the show will be on the monetary growth of the waste industry, they will also be looking at the waste stream in general and how such a huge volume of trash works its way into our oceans. A highlight of which is a segment featuring Algalita’s Captain Charles Moore discussing the large amount of waste that accumulates on the shores of some of the most remote island nations.
Check out the preview clip below…

They have also created this info-graphic that tracks the life of a water bottle. A great reminder that when it comes to trash disposal there really is no such thing as ‘away’.

For more information on the show click here.

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