November 16th, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Environment, Lifestyle, Recycling, Waste

It’s no secret that here at Adventure Ecology we’re not fans of waste. We just don’t think it makes sense, after all there’s no waste in nature. But then again nature doesn’t have an addiction to fun gadgets and the latest mobile phones…..

The issue of e-waste was something we blogged about a few weeks back – after one of the team kissed goodbye to yet another failed second hand TV set. We just couldn’t understand why things aren’t made to last anymore.

But guess what, we’re not the only ones thinking this. Last week the creators of The Story of Stuff bought out another brilliant short film all about electronics and how products are being designed for the dump. Check out the clip below, but be warned – you may never look at a new shiny flat screen in quite the same way.

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