December 15th, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Design, Plastics, Recycling, Waste

Sailing across the Pacific is not the only thing you can do with 12,500 plastic bottles – you can also use them to build a school! Communities in Guatemala are using an innovative solution to overcome the lack of educational infrastructure in their villages: building schools by upcycling plastic bottles and other trash.

Supported by the non-profit Hug It Forward, kids as young as 5 are taking action by reusing plastic bottles that have been thrown by the side of the street and stuffing them full of trash to make “eco-bricks”. These are then secured with chicken wire, rebar and concrete to make the finished walls.

Children, mothers and fathers all participate in the construction process. Not only is this an efficient construction method which preserves the environment, but there is also a strong focus on educating young people in Guatemala and in the States about the impact of waste. Above all, communities as a whole benefit by coming together as one to build bottle schools.

Watch the amazing video clip to see how these kids built their own school!

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