December 2nd, 2010, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Fish, Oceans

The aptly named blobfish, famous for it’s dejected expression and silly shape, might soon have plenty more to be miserable about, the Telegraph reports. According to reports by scientists, the fish rarely seen by humans but beloved for its melancholy demeanor is being dragged up and exterminated in mass quantities by trawler fisherman hoping to catch lobsters and crabs off the coast of Australia and New Zealand.

Marine expert Professor Callum Roberts, from University of York warned that unless something is done soon, our oceanic Eyore will soon be headed for extinction: “Blobfish are very vulnerable to being dragged up in these nets and from what we know this fish is only restricted to these waters. The Australian and New Zealand deep trawling fishing fleets are some of the most active in the world so if you are a blobfish then it is not a good place to be.” Roberts also warned of the dangers of bottom trawling, which he called “the most destructive forms of fishing.”

To learn more about other endanger underwater species, and ways in which you can help, check out our Fish Free Friday Campaign here.

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