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Today marks a very special anniversary for us. Exactly one year ago, we cast off our lines and set sail beneath the Golden Gate Bridge on an epic journey across the Pacific!
When the Plastiki launched, we had high hopes. But never in our wildest imaginings could we have predicted that just a year later we’d have so much good news to share with you.

The crew as they prepared to leave San Francisco

From the beginning, our vision was simple: confront the planet’s toughest environmental challenges through innovation and design, and turn it into a mind-blowing adventure. But for us, it’s not just about adventure. Its about rooting all that we do in big-world solutions. So we aimed to tell a story through our actions. In creating our 12,500 bottle boat we wanted to be a real-life example that the mountains of plastic trash in our landfills and our oceans were an opportunity to reuse valuable resources!

When news broke about our plans to build a boat made of plastic bottles and sail it across the ocean, more than a couple of people thought us mental. (We’re a fairly nutty bunch so we weren’t surprised) But here at HQ, there’s a saying we love by the famous inventor and futurist, Arthur C. Clarke. He said “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” It’s true. The technology for our boat didn’t exist when we began the project, but rather than discouraging us, it galvanized us to work that much harder! Far scarier were the statistics cropping up in UN Reports and peppered through Scientific journals. 13,000 pieces of plastic in every square kilometer of ocean surface; a growing vortex of floating garbage the size of Texas; not a single fish left in our oceans by the year 2048. Numbers like these scared the living daylights out of us. So we pushed on, spending long days and nights in our workshop tinkering with prototypes and new plastic-based materials determined to make our dream of a seaworthy plastic sailboat a reality.

Fast forward 8,000 miles, several storms and one plastic-riddled ocean later; and we victoriously reached the final destination of our journey sailing into beautiful Sydney Harbor on July 26, 2010, But there’s so much to tell about what happened in between. It’s a whale of tale that just one blog post can’t do justice.

So in celebration of Plastiki’s one year anniversary, we’re proud to announce something very special: for the past few months, we’ve been hard at work putting together a book that captures the true spirit of the voyage. We think you’ll like it! The Plastiki is a first-hand account of our adventure, a log of our very best stories, images, maps, journal entries, design plans, and sketches. But–and here’s what’s unique–there’s plenty other cool things too. Like facts about our oceans and how plastics effect them; simple ways that the public can help save the oceans; a guide to ocean-friendly seafood choices; and some truly inspiring essays by our heroes, Philippe Cousteau, Jr., Paul Hawken, William McDonough, Sylvia Earle, amongst others.

What’s up for the Plastiki gang next? Our voyage might be complete, but our work is not over. Through the Plastiki, we learned that dreams spark adventures, and convert into powerful stories that in turn fuel even more dreams and more adventures. It’s a wonderful cycle we want to nurture and keep on keepin’ on! Because of this, we’ve been cooking up a whole new online home, myoo.com–a place that can accommodate not just one but many amazing stories. There, we’ve already brought together many of the worlds best and greatest athletes, explorers and creatives under one roof–each working in some fundamental way to heal our planet. We’ve asked them (many of whom you will recognize) to keep us in the loop with everything that inspires them and all their insanely awesome day-to-day adventures.

But it won’t just be about other people. The secret, most important ingredient to Myoo is, well, a whole lot of you! Yup. Because after all, a kuh-MYOO-ni-tee only works when it’s made up of many equal, contributing parts. So it’s our Plastiki birthday wish that you mosey on over to facebook and twitter to check out more about Myoo.com. We think you’ll find it’s going to be a pretty fantastic digital campfire, a place to gather and seek out visionaries, hear first-hand dispatches from expeditions, and most importantly share your deep thoughts and inspirations. Sound cool? We thought so too.

We’ll be starting out small in beta at first, and like any seed, undergoing a natural period of growth and experimentation. Because Myoo will ultimately be your online site, and your kuh-MYOO-ni-tee, we’d love it if you’d drop us a line with any feedback or killer ideas on how we can make Myoo even better. Remember, look for updates from Myoo on facebook and twitter for news on our beta launch later this month. We can’t wait to see you there!

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