April 28th, 2011, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Campaigns, Events, MYOO

One out of every eight people on the planet—that’s nearly a billion people—do not have enough clean water to drink. And every day, approximately 24,000 children under five-years old die from water-related illnesses. Something needs to change.

For World Water Day (March 22nd) MYOO Agency worked with Levi’s® to bring attention to the water crisis with a 100 person strong water march through NYC city as a part of their Water<Less campaign. Watch the video below to find out more and help spread the news by sharing it with your friends and contacts. You can make a real difference too. Levi’s® has pledged some 200 million litres of clean water to communities around the world to be released each time you visit their Facebook to play the Water Tank game.

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