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June 8th 2011 is World Oceans Day, the annual celebration dedicated to our beloved oceans. This year Selfridges, the British department store, is showing its commitment to the health of our oceans by taking the lead with Project Ocean. The month-long event features art exhibits, featured talks by a number of different ocean heroes, ocean-friendly cooking exhibitions, as well as clothing for sale from designer Katherine Hamnet, which all serves to explore and discuss over-fishing, one of the most pressing problems currently facing the ocean.

A standout feature of Project Ocean is the weekly talk series, held in the Ultralounge on Oxford Street every Thursday evening. Selfridges has teamed up with Intelligence Squared to help broadcast the weekly conversations, which predominantly focus on the various complexities of the world’s fish crisis. We’re proud to announce that the series concludes on June 2 with stories about the adventurous side of the ocean, featuring our own David de Rothschild.

David will precede the June 2 talk with a book signing at the Lower Ground Floor of Selfridge’s Bookshop, starting at 5:00pm, so come over to say hello if you happen to be in London. The book signing is a great opportunity to meet David, hear some up-close and personal stories from the Plastiki adventure and pick up a copy of the Plastiki book. After the signing, David will head over to the Ultralounge for “Tales From The Deep,” which runs from 7-8:30pm. Tickets for the speaking event are available through intelligencesquared.com, with all proceeds supporting ZSL.

If you can make it, an event like this is worth seeing in person. However if you’re not in the neighborhood we understand. Join us digitally through the Selfridges.com website.

We can’t wait for June 2nd, and we’d love to see you there. Meet David, get your copy of the book signed, and then marvel in an evening of storytelling from some of the world’s most exciting ocean adventurers.

—Mark Lukach

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