Foresight’s Drivers of Change

August 12th, 2011, posted by Shore Crew Tags: Campaigns, Environment, Oceans

It’s that time of year again. Back to school. All around the northern hemisphere, teachers are scrambling to dust off their old textbooks and prepare for a new crop of students. A common problem that teachers face at the beginning of each year is how to best organize the massive amount of information that is available in their given subject. It can be quite an intimidating venture.

The design team at ARUP’s Foresight project has spent the last few years pondering that very question in the realm of pressing global issues. Each year the team picks a theme, and then spends a full year consulting leading experts and conducting workshops to understand that theme in a coherent and engaging manner. The project’s name is Drivers Of Change.

(photograph by Enric Sala)

This year, Foresight has focused on the world’s oceans, and has successfully identified 25 leading concerns that face the ocean, ranging from aquatic protein to access for leisure. To best display these problems, they’ve created a deck of cards, one for each problem.

To celebrate the completion of their year long investigation into the world’s oceans, Foresight teamed with MYOOZE Chris Luebkeman for a night of education and discussion. In addition to revealing the cards for Drivers of Change: Oceans, a collaborative film on ocean acidification, put together by Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Natural Environment Research Council, and the UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme.

As teachers and students prepare to go back to school, it’s worth remembering that we all have much to learn as experts continually advance knowledge that can help us preserve our most precious resources, like our oceans. Check out Foresight’s Drivers of Change: Oceans for an accessible an innovative way to stay informed in what truly matters for our oceans.

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