We all know about the state of our oceans and the serious damage that is inflicted everyday by overfishing and the destruction to marine environments.

Fish fingers, fishcakes, fish sandwich, fish sticks, fish fish fish fish …. So here is the deal something really fishy is going on and its not good news for all involved! Simply put with only 0.6 per cent of the world’s oceans  designated as protected area and with a global fishing fleet thats  250 per cent larger than our oceans can sustainably support I guess it probably shouldn’t really come as any surprise to us that not only did a group of leading ecologists and economists recently warn us that the world will run out of seafood by 2048! Yup 2048! but already according to a Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report  nearly 80% of our global fisheries are now being fished close to, already at, or beyond their capacity. Now you maybe thinking, I don’t even eat that much fish, or maybe, I don’t even like fish at all but guess what there are over 1 billion people out there who do and they rely on fish as an important source of protein! which means unless we come up with a solution fast we might just be headed for a bit of a fishy situation! So we’ve come up with what we hope you will agree is a novel idea! Why not give up eating fish one day per week! yup just one day! and we think that day should be Fridays! Not only will this let the fish do something else with their Friday but they will thank you for it! Check back each week to see what the Fish are up to  on their day off and learn What positive impact you can have  by altering your consumer choices and buying sustainably!

The fish will thank you for it!