Packing food for a crew of 6 on a 100 day journey was no mean feat and Jo our skipper had some serious criteria to make sure they were all eating well. The aim was to store the boat with "Local, sustainble and nutritous" food, luckily we had a great group of people to help, find out more here.

Founded by Nona Lim in 2006, Cook! is a Bay Area purveyor of real simple meal kits using fresh, local and organic ingredients. Cook! helps people prepare sumptuous meals from scratch in just 20 minutes.

A big thank you goes out to Nona Lim, Jennifer Tuck, Isabel and the entire Cook! team for sourcing hundreds of pounds of fresh local ingredients; preparing more than 110 jars of delicious stews, tagines and curries; and, providing comprehensive, nutritious menu planning for the journey.

Eatwell Farm

Leicester, England native and Eatwell Farm owner Nigel gifted beautiful leeks and dozens of his famous eggs to the Plastiki. Eatwell Farm is a 65-acre organic farm in the Sacramento Valley.

Nigel grows hundreds of different crops to allow for a constant harvest for Eatwell’s CSA program. In addition to fruits and veggies, Eatwell is well known for their line of lavish, lavender bath products.

Fatted Calf

Napa Valley-based Fatted Calf is an artisanal charcuterie producing a wide range of hand crafted products using high quality, natural ingredients. The Plastiki crew will enjoy a variety of their pates, confits, Spanish style chorizo, various farmers sausages and lightly smoked jerky. All Fatted Calf fresh products are made to order in small batches to guarantee quality.

Marin Sun Farms

David Evans, owner of Marin Sun Farms, helped stock the Plastiki with loads of dried and fresh grassfed beef and lamb – a core ingredient in the many jarred meat dishes the crew will dine on. Marin Sun Farms is the extension of David’s family farm, nestled in the rolling grasslands of the Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California.

They are committed to producing local, pasture based food for our Bay Area community with the aspiration of building a sustainable food model.

Flying Disc Ranch

Flying Disc Ranch is tropical desert filled with a forest of date palms with a lush undergrowth of citrus of all flavors. Owner Robert Lower his fresh dates to the Plastiki, which will really sweeten up our tagines and granolas. He grows several varieties of dates, including Barhi, Zahidi, Medjhool, Derrie, and Deglet Noor. Thank you.

Everything Under the Sun

We are so very grateful to Bill Crepps from Everything Under the Sun for dehydrating all the vegetables and many of the fruits aboard the Plastiki. Bill sun dries and uses low-temperature dehydrators on his 28-acre farm in Winters, CA where he grows a variety of fresh and dried fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Bill donated his many hours of labor and much of his produce to the Plastiki. Thank you, Bill!

Numi Organic Tea

Numi Organic Tea, founded in 1999 by brother-and-sister duo Ahmed and Reem Rahim, holds a prominent place in the specialty tea category for its premium-quality Organic and Fair Trade Certified teas and herbs. The Plastiki crew will enjoy loads of Numi teas, thanks to Ahmed and Reem’s generous gift. Numi is a leader in sustainability and produces a healthy product that benefits people and the planet.

Kaia Foods

Owner Nick Kelley founded Kaia Foods with the belief that our health is best supported by eating an abundance of minimally processed whole foods. Kaia sprouts, mixes and dehydrates organic foods at low temperatures so that they remain raw. Nick generously donated lots of organic cocoa bliss buckwheat granola, organic sprouted sunflower seeds and organic fruit leathers. Yum!

The Olive Press

Located in Sonoma County, The Olive Press produces world-class, fresh and guaranteed extra virgin olive oil. They are California’s most awarded olive oil producer. The Olive Press gifted the Plastiki their extra virgin oil and two bottles of citrus-infused extra virgin olive oil, which will go great with the greens growing on the mast!

18 Rabbits Granola Bars

San Francisco-based 18 Rabbits donated its popular granola bars in creative compositions, like Hot Diggity Date, Cheeky Cherry Chocolate and Nibble A Sultana. Owner Alison Bailey Vercruysse was inspired by childhood memories of her mother's delicious, home-baked granola when creating her own baking company.

Ulimana Raw Chocolate

Ulimana gifted the Plastiki team a huge box of their delicious raw truffles and cookies. They say that their raw, vegan, organic truffles are sending the raw food community into Samadhi (it's a yoga word that means enlightenment or bliss), and we would agree.

Delicious Health, Inc

Simla Somturk Wickless, MBA, CHC, NE, founded Delicious Health to help transform Busy Bodies into healthy Balanced Beings so that they can enjoy deliciously fulfilling lives. Simla provided great recipes and invaluable nutrition guidance to the crews. She loves inspiring her clients to take action and make lasting changes to increase energy, tame stress, find their natural weight, and promote self-healing for good.

Rancho Ausaymas Honey

Martin and Barbara Seiler have a Bing cherry ranch in Hollister, CA that produces a bountiful harvest of gorgeous cherries each year. The secret to their success lies in enlisting bees to help Mother Nature spread the pollen between the male and female trees in the orchard. The bees work hard at their job and the honey they collect is delicious.

The Seilers gave the Plastiki enough raw honey to last the journey and then some.

Cascadian Farm

In 1972, we started farming organically on a few acres of pristine land in the Upper Skagit Valley of Washington's North Cascade Mountains. Soon with the help of a small group of dedicated supporters, Cascadian Farm® became a thriving organic food company, preserving and selling the bounty of our harvests as jams, frozen fruits and vegetables.

Hidden Star Orchards

Much of the Plastiki’s dried fruit provisions come from Hidden Star Orchards. Hidden Star is an organic, family farm located in the Sierra Nevada foothills just below the town of Jackson. Hidden Star is farmed by Johann Smit and his parents, John and Clazien Smit.

Organic fruits aboard the Plastiki include apples, cherries, grapes, peaches, nectarines, apricots and pluots.

Yellow+Blue Wines

Thanks to Yellow+Blue, the Plastiki crew will enjoy delicious Malbec at suppertime during the voyage. The goal of Yellow+Blue is to find exceptional organic wine from outstanding winemakers around the world and bring it to wine lovers in a way that's environmentally responsible and affordable. Owner Matt Cain launched Yellow+Blue in 2007.


Lärabar donated their popular Lärabars and granola bars to the crew. Lärabars are made from unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. They are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO and vegan, making healthy snacking easy on board.

As Green As It Gets

As Green As It Gets is a non-profit organization focusing on economic development and environmentally sustainable agriculture in Guatemala. They gifted the Plastiki crew 20 pounds of various coffees. After all, each night one of the crew stays awake on watch and coffee is essential! We sincerely thank those hard working Guatemalan farmers.

Suncakes - The Healthy Baking Company

The Healthy Baking Company is a 20-year-old family business. They use vegan, all-natural, and non-GMO ingredients to help reduce the impact of agriculture on the land and conserve precious natural resources.

The Plastiki crew will be eating suncakes and heart thrives in a variety of healthful flavors.


The Plastiki crew will be powered by ProBar's Fruition and Art's Original bars during the voyage. ProBar is dedicated to quality, sustainability and a fantastic taste superfood snack bar designed to be satisfying on-the-go without the extra fat and calories. Fruition is the marriage of oats, chia seeds, and cashews in four delicious flavors. And Art's original collection blends whole grains, nuts and fruits into eight flavors. Thank you for your support.

Tierra Vegetables

Lee and Wayne James, a brother/sister team, farm their 20-acre Teirra Vegetables Ranch in Healdsburg in the heart of the Sonoma County Wine Country. The Plastiki crew will be enjoying Tierra's anasazi beans, flageolet beans and two kinds of mole sauce mix, as well as chile strawberry jam (which pairs great with brownies, says Lee).

Dirty Girl Produce

The Plastiki crew will enjoy Dirty Girl's carrots and beets during the journey. Dirty Girl is located in Santa Cruz's banana belt and stretches to La Selva Beach. The river bed soil is some of the most fertile in Northern California. Farm owner Joe Schirmer grew up in Santa Cruz and began working at Dirty Girl Produce in 1997, eventually buying the farm in 1999.

Eddie's Energy Bars

College senior Michael Adams started his bar business when his high school business teacher asked him to create an energy bar for the Vermont Chamber of Commerce Business Expo in 2004. Buoyed by rave reviews, Michael created Eddie's Energy Bars. The Plastiki looks forward to snacking on these bars.