IWC Schaffhausen has been setting standards in technological development and highly complicated Haute Horlogerie for more than a century.

The International Watch Company, founded in 1868, has established a world reputation for itself as a Swiss watch manufactory with a long heritage and a passion for ingenious inventions, innovative solutions and technical refinements.

IWC Schaffhausen is committed to taking responsibility toward the environment and has been certified a CO2-neutral enterprise. IWC has cut 750 tons of annual CO2 emissions in half since 2001, and aims to reduce emissions to 100 tons by 2010. It used environmentally responsible building techniques for new production wings at its headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, in 2001, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and keeping overall energy consumption constant for five years.

IWC Schaffhausen has supported Adventure Ecology and David de Rothschild as official Partner since 2007.

For decades HP has been an environmental leader, driving company stewardship through its HP Eco Solutions program, which spans product design, reuse and recycling as well as energy and resource efficiency.

HP influences industry action by setting high environmental standards in its operations and supply chain, by providing practical solutions to make it easier for customers to reduce their climate impact and through its research on sustainability solutions that support a low-carbon economy. More information is available at

HP, the world’s largest technology company, simplifies the technology experience for consumers and businesses with a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure.

Inmarsat plc (LSE: ISAT) is the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications. Since 1979, Inmarsat has been providing reliable voice and high-speed data communications to governments, enterprises and other organisations, with a range of services that can be used on land, at sea or in the air.

The company's services are delivered through a global network of more than 500 distribution partners and service providers operating in 180 countries. For the year ended 31 December 2007, Inmarsat plc had total revenue of US$ 576.5 million.

More information can be found at

Kiehl's was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York's East Village neighborhood. Its unique and extensive background represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal, and medicinal knowledge developed and passed on through the generations.

The spirit of discovery and the exhilaration of exploration have been espoused by Kiehl's extended family from the company’s earliest days. Kiehl’s is humbly honored to support the eco-adventurous Plastiki Expedition team and to welcome them into the Kiehl's heritage.

In 1988, Kiehl's proudly supported the heroic climbers' successful ascent without oxygen of Mt. Everest's East Face. In 2002, the company sponsored the Antarctica Expedition of Mt. Vinson.

In 2005, Kiehl's proudly supported the "Greenland First Ascent" expedition, the inaugural climb of peaks rising from the island's ice covered glaciers where a team of six heroic summiteers returned from their journey with first-hand accounts of the effects of global warming.

In addition, since 2003, Kiehl's has been the title sponsor of the annual Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon, a 135-mile non-stop footrace through Death Valley.

Kiehl's products are available at as well as through select specialty retailers worldwide.

The Plastiki team are huge supporters of the world renowned professional snow boarder Kevin Pearce who is currently in recovery following an accident on the slopes.

We can’t wait to see you back in action - we sail for you KP!

Find out more here.

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Harken Yacht Equipment

Harken Yacht Equipment is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative sailboat hardware and accessories and is a proud supporter of the Plastiki project. Its network includes offices in 48 countries, with group offices located in Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States (Rhode Island, California, and Florida).

"Like Plastiki, Harken is committed to restoring the health of our oceans," said Harken CEO, Bill Goggins. "Not only for the people who work and play on them, but to preserve the rich biodiversity of life that lives below."

The Human Dynamo

The Human Dynamo is the first grid connected full body cardio machine to make clean energy while working out. We are proud to have been chosen to develop a compact and waterproof pedal power machine to help charge the batteries onboard Plastiki and provide exercise.

Jeppesen Marine

Jeppesen Marine is a market-leading provider of digital navigation solutions, based on worldwide vector chart data type approved to ISO19379, meteorological information and transmission technologies.

Jeppesen Marine is chartered with the same underlying values that launched Jeppesen in 1934 – improving safety and efficiency through innovative navigation solutions.


Leica: that means best German Engineering and a special culture of the picture. Leica helps transform vision into personal creative fulfilment, in many cases nurturing a fervent passion for expression that spans the decades.


Lifesystems has protected adventurers and explorers against accident and disease for over 16 years. Constant research, regular product revision and scientific innovation keep them at the forefront of outdoor and travel health protection.


2041 was founded by polar explorer, environmental leader and public speaker Robert Swan, OBE, the first person in history to walk to both the North and South poles. Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica by the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change.

It is 2041's mission to inform, engage and inspire the next generation of leaders to take responsibility, be sustainable, and know that now is the time for action in policy development, sustainable business generation and future technologies.

Farallon Electronics

Farallon Electronics is a leading marine firm with extensive experience designing electronics for custom yachts. Farallon specializes in product development, system designs for grand prix racing yachts, long range communications and video systems.

Farallon and partner company Morgan Designs embrace the goals of the Plastiki project. Our mission is to overcome the challenges sending a vessel to sea using renewable energy while enabling advanced communications, navigation and video.

Gill Marine

A leading name in marine clothing, Gill offers an extensive range of technical gear to keep you comfortable, dry and warm whilst on the water. Designed for all aspects of marine use, from dinghy sailing to ocean racing, RIBS to motoryachts, thermal underwear to foul weather gear, and boots, bags and accessories; whether it be hot or cold, wet or dry, you can be kitted out from head to toe in Gill clothing.

Wright and McGill - Eagle Claw

The Wright & McGill Co., manufacturer of Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle, was founded in 1925 and for over 80 years, catch and release fishing, habitat restoration and clean water have been associated with the company's philosophy. The company donates money, products and countless hours to local and national events and organizations dedicated to helping conserve our natural resources and waterways.

The development of new improved products, such as bioline® - the first biodegradable fishing line - and recyclable and degradable packaging expresses their continued commitment to the environment and everyone's future.

Sapa Extrusions - North America

As part of the world's largest aluminum profile company, Sapa Extrusions produces high value-added products through our experience, technical knowledge and unmatched product range that includes:

  • North American Technical Center (Portland, OR) to provide technical support for product development - The industry's broadest capabilities in presses (direct and indirect extrusions) alloy selection, circle sizes, multi-void hollows, thin wall sections, miniature extrusions and precise fabrication operations
  • Advanced facilities for painting, (including high speed vertical powder coating line) anodizing and special coatings
  • Enormous competencies for design and application assistance

Dimension-Polyant Sailcloth Technology

Dimension-Polyant Sailcloth Technology is the largest sailcloth supplier in the world, with in-house manufacturing of woven polyester, nylon, laminate roll goods and membranes. Our fabric range serves the sailing community of cruisers, club race, high performance race, Gran Prix and Mega Yachts.

Technology and innovation have always taken a high priority at Dimension-Polyant Sailcloth as demonstrated by our fabric winning the Vendee Globe Around the World Race as well as twenty five medals at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Constructing materials for David's expedition comes from a great pride to succeed and we are eager to explore new materials for the future.


Mobilarm man overboard systems are 'always on watch' – designed to immediately notify crew that a man overboard incident has occurred. The Mobilarm wireless safety network continually monitors the Plastiki crew and will raise the alarm within seconds if captain or crew fall overboard – enabling their swift retrieval from the water.

Plastiki crew are also using the Mobilarm V100, a stand-alone, personal safety device that provides in-water tracking of a man overboard. This unique, water-activated emergency beacon regularly transmits a distress alert and real-time coordinates using standard VHF marine radio to all VHF radio equipped vessels in range.

Nice Collective

Nice Collective is a modern fashion and lifestyle brand for men and women based in San Francisco... a fusion of art, music, science, fashion, and new ideas. Designers Joe Haller and Ian Hannula create ingenious clothing available worldwide in select boutiques and high end department stores.

The brand has purposely remained "under the radar", however, their innovative design, sharp technical skills, and commitment to a unique voice and perspective has made them leaders in the market. In 2008, GQ magazine awarded them the title of Best New Designers in America.

The clothing is worn by both underground artist and design aficionados, as well as diverse talent from the music and film industry such as Brad Pitt, Kayne West, Michael Stipe, Gwen Stefani, and Coldplay.


Ampair manufacture small wind turbines from 100W to 6kW used worldwide in harsh conditions. From the Antarctic to Alaska and from the Solent to the Sahara we supply power for battery charging or grid connection. We are the UK's oldest manufacturer with over 20,000 turbines in service since 1973.

Ampair are proud to be a supporter of Plastiki to which we have supplied an Aquair 100 towed turbine generator. This device is a favourite of long distance sailors who have used it to provide reliable electrical power for over 30 years.

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen®, the company that created the first stainless steel bottle designed for personal use, is a family-owned business based in Chico, Calif. In 2003, the founders established Klean Kanteen® to give health and environmentally conscious people a durable, refillable, BPA-free alternative to plastic and lined aluminum bottles.

Since its inception, Klean Kanteen® has strongly advocated for the elimination of single-use plastic water bottles, encouraging consumers to switch to a refillable bottle for both environmental and health reasons. Klean Kanteen® has also worked to educate the public on ways to reduce plastic consumption, and in 2008 received the Ocean Heroes Award from a collective of environmental organizations including the Natural Resources Defense Council and Ocean Conservancy.

Pineapple Sails

Pineapple Sails was established in 1973. Our specialty is carefully designed and manufactured custom sails, all of which happen in our loft in Alameda, California. Our customers are split roughly evenly between racing and cruising. Our common sail materials range from Dacron and Nylon through Carbon laminates. In the case of Plastiki, the sail material is a one-of-a-kind laminate made from post-consumer PET.

But Plastiki is more than a one-of-a-kind sail material. It is a one-of-a-kind boat! Nearly everything about it is unique. The hulls, the rigs, the sailplan. This is the type of endeavour where we can contribute years of experience and the imagination to find solutions to uncommon problems.

Pineapple Sails is proud to be part of the Plastiki Team.


In 1985, Revo began as a small sunglass brand with a big idea: technology used by NASA was just as suited for sunglasses as it was for satellites. The result? The most advanced sunglasses on Earth. Today, Revo continues its rich tradition of innovation by creating the clearest and most advanced polarized sunglasses made with Revo Polarcast(tm) technology. Revo is also conscious of the world's social and ecological challenges, and strives to act in a responsible and active way. Revo Re-Use(tm) frames are one way of taking responsibility, utilizing materials from 100 percent recycled pre-consumer polymer resins.

The planet's first 100% custom printed boardshort destination! Design and personalize a pair of "One-Off" shorts or shop in our Gallery of 100's of Limited Edition shorts produced by a spectrum of artists in our royalty earning program! Every pair of shorts sold benefits Global Green USA.

Global Marine Networks

Global Marine Networks provides compressed satellite email, weather, vessel tracking services, and blogging servics. Marine communication is easier and more cost effective with wireless services, airtime, satellite phones, and marine equipment from one trusted supplier.

SkyEye by Xaxero

Xaxero of New Zealand is proud to provide the Plastiki with our latest solar-powered SkyEye Tracker. This unit sends hourly position reports using Iridium satellite technology. With a SkyEye Tracker, you can even track your ship or yacht with Google Earth. Position reports from the on-board SkyEye Tracker allow us all to follow the voyage of the Plastiki on this website.

For 15 years, SkyEye has built satellite-based products to enable you to see beyond the horizon through all weather conditions. SkyEye systems are providing real-time weather imagery and vessel tracking from the Arctic to the Antarctic. The solar-powered SkyEye Tracker is designed for simplicity and reliability, and easily bolts to the side of any vessel. No external power or wiring is required.

Remote Satellite Systems

Remote Satellite Systems, an industry leader in maritime satellite communications, provides hardware, software, and airtime solutions for all types of mariners, whether you're a commercial shipping company, or a recreational sailor. We specialize in unique solutions for broadband, voice, data, and video streaming. We have been serving our customers since 1995.


PNY Technologies originated in 1985 as a company that bought/sold memory chips, and has evolved as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high capacity flash memory cards, USB flash drives, computer memory upgrade modules, solid state drives, as well as consumer and professional workstation graphics cards.

PNY is solidly committed to improving the environment, and in 2009 transitioned to a new line of eco-friendly packaging for our Flash Memory Cards and USB Flash Drives. This new packaging uses 70% less plastic and more environmentally sustainable materials than PNY’s previous packaging. In 2010 PNY launched the "My Big Green Idea" Scholarship program aimed at high school students to consider their own environmental impact and develop ideas to address environmental challenges with innovative solutions.

Additionally, PNY is proud to be a National Geographic Mission Partner, and the "Flash Memory of Choice" of their Emerging Explorers Program. PNY is dedicated to educating their consumers on global concerns. Visit to learn more about the complete line of PNY products and to learn more about PNY's partnership with National Geographic.

Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment has been making some of the finest gear in the world since 1961. Spanning more than four decades, our experience in equipping the world's elite for the harshest conditions on earth is legendary.

We've been part of over 100 Everest expeditions, participated in every British first ascent of an 8000m peak and unsupported trips to both poles. Our customer list is a who's who of mountain adventurers; people who need gear they can trust in any conditions.

We believe in what we do; we design, test and build with passion and commitment. We use the gear ourselves and we work closely with dozens of the world's finest climbers as well as Britain's leading outdoor organisations.

So whether you are going on an expedition to the Greater Ranges or learning the ropes you can do so safe in the knowledge that your Mountain Equipment gear has been proven to perform.

Nature Valley

Since 1975, Nature Valley has used wholesome ingredients to make the best-tasting granola bars around, with new flavors and types for every taste. When The Plastiki team needs a wholesome snack break, they turn to the original granola bar – Nature Valley. Inspired by nature, Nature Valley has a commitment to helping make nature enjoyable and accessible while protecting and preserving it for the future.

Morgan Designs Inc

Morgan Designs Inc. is a marine electrical firm offering design, installation and integration services for all types of vessels.

Our state of the art electrical system designs, combined with over 30 years of real-world installation experience, enables us to tailor an electrical system to your exacting needs.

We are proud to have been selected to support the Plastiki team by installing the latest in alternative energy technology for their power system. By close partnering with Farallon Electronics, we have supplied the team with a completely integrated communication, navigation, and renewable energy system without the typical reliance on fossil fuels.

By carefully selecting the components in their power system they now have the ability to maximize the power available from solar, water, wind, and human energy. We look forward to following their progress on this unique voyage.

Glodow Nead Communications

Glodow Nead Communications, based in San Francisco, is a global, full-service publicity and public relations agency specializing in strategic messaging, results-oriented media relations and effective brand building for a diverse array of high-profile clients.

Glodow Nead has established an enviable track record bridging the gap between client message points and effective media attention for a wide range of the world's top lifestyle, hospitality and travel brands.

Glodow Nead's international office in Singapore serves its growing roster of U.S.-based clients seeking exposure in Asia and Asia-based clients seeking to establish awareness in North America.

Please visit us at or call 415 394-6500.

Mirvac Group

Mirvac is a leading integrated real estate group, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Established in 1972, Mirvac has more than 38 years of experience in the real estate industry and has an unmatched reputation for delivering quality products and services across all of its businesses.

As one of Australia's largest real estate groups, Mirvac's commitment to sustainability means managing environmental, social and economic risks and responsibilities, and capitalising on opportunities to deliver sustainable outcomes for the benefit of stakeholders and the broader community.

Mirvac is committed to improving resource efficiency and minimising the environmental impact of its activities, and pursuing continuous improvements in sustainability management and performance across its real estate assets.


Greentomatocars is a niche Hire Car Company based in Sydney, offering a high quality personalised service in a fleet of environmentally friendly hybrid Toyota Prius cars.

As part of our service we offer the following:

  • Environmentally friendly, comfortable vehicles
  • Climate positive with carbon offsetting
  • Limousine service offered at a small premium to taxi prices
  • Highly qualified and experienced drivers
  • Sophisticated dispatch and billing systems, providing information at a cost centre level with energy saving information, including carbon credits.

Hire car bookings can be made online at or via phone on 1300 72 9998.


Social & sustainability marketing & communications